What’s Behind Vault?

Industrial Contracting Done Right.

Today’s industrial projects require a contractor who’s efficient yet effective. And Vault is exactly that. We’re a proud, 100% Canadian-owned industrial contractor with a focus on mining, midstream, renewable energy, and water. While we’re a young company, our team has been in this industry long enough to recognize what holds projects back. That’s why Vault was started. To be nimble and adaptable enough to get complex projects done faster, yet experienced and equipped enough to get them done right.

    The Vault Group of Companies

    Vault Infrastructure Projects

    Vault Infrastructure Projects is a top-tier pipeline construction, integrity and maintenance contractor strategically positioned to handle projects across Canada. With a strong focus on mid-inch diameter pipelines, we have a proven track record of successfully executed projects in various diameters and lengths.

    Vault Renewables

    Vault Renewables focuses on utility-scale renewable energy projects. Our team is comprised of seasoned professionals who are recognized leaders in the renewables sector. By bringing this expertise together under the Vault banner, we are uniquely positioned to drive innovation and excellence in every project.

    Vault Pipelines

    As the first company founded for Vault Group, Vault Pipelines paved the path for other entities within the company. Vault Pipelines is an industrial construction company that focuses on piping or mechanical scopes of work, providing solutions for clients in oil and gas, midstream, and mining applications.

    Vault Equipment Rentals

    Need equipment for an industrial construction project? Look no further than Vault Equipment Rentals. With a dedicated platform to expedite and simplify the process of renting equipment, Vault Equipment Rentals makes it easy to get exactly what you need, whenever you need it.

    Vault Global Industries

    Vault Global Industries is the international arm of Vault Group, specializing in procurement and logistics for both international and domestic clients. If your company needs support sourcing materials, supplies, or services that are scarce in your local market, Vault Global Industries is here to help.

    Embodying ESG Excellence

    For Vault, ESG represents building a better future by doing the right thing, no matter what the cost may be. Through our commitment to ESG, we strive to reduce our carbon footprint, utilize renewable energy, engage with the communities we work in, and responsibly source materials, supplies, and services. Learn more about our commitment to ESG and the practices we follow to uphold the highest standards.

    Sectors We Serve

    At Vault, we believe in results. That’s why we work hard to achieve the highest level of quality in everything we do. Rather than getting tied up in red tape, we think clearly and react quickly to project demands to eliminate costly redundancies and delays. This gives you what you want when you need it—no matter the project or sector.


    To support important clean-water diversion initiatives of Canada’s resource sector, we’ve worked within mountain corridors to run pipe while intricately connecting to intake and outfall structures.


    As a company rooted in the west, we know oil and gas. We’ve worked with some of Canada’s largest oil producers and have supplied, fabricated, and installed thousands of kilometres of HDPE pipe.

    Renewable Energy

    Supporting new opportunities in renewable energy production, our teams have the skill and expertise to perform structural steel fabrication and fusing for the construction of wind and solar projects.


    From water treatment facilities to large-scale industrial applications, we’re capable of collaborating on design, procuring materials, and constructing detailed pipeline networks to meet strict standards.