Whether your project calls for potable water lines, sewer piping installations, tailings, or polishing water lines, our team will install each system to the highest standards. Our team also installs any required insulation, cathodic protection, tracer wire, and applicable hydrotesting scopes as required.


    As a 100% Canadian-owned industrial contractor based out of the west, Vault understands the unique qualities associated with oil and gas projects.

    We’re proud to have supplied, fabricated, and installed thousands of kilometres of HDPE pipe for some of the largest oil producers in Canada. We use this combination of industry knowledge and experience to deliver high-quality results for every oil and gas project we complete.


    When it comes to renewable energy solutions, solar and wind energy represent exciting avenues for sustainability.

    As part of Vault’s green initiatives, we have worked closely with solar energy providers to assemble and install the structural framework required for solar tracking systems. Our team is also experienced with structural steel fabrication for wind energy projects, ensuring consistent quality across the renewable energy sector.


      At Vault, we can collaborate on design elements, procure materials, and construct detailed pipeline networks for the most complex water and wastewater projects.

      Our team can complete various onsite activities including excavation, blasting support, pipeline installation, and hydrotesting. We’re also highly experienced with various piping materials, including HOBAS, PVC, HDPE, and carbon steel, ensuring consistent quality for every system we design and install.

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        We’re a 100% Canadian-owned industrial contractor specializing in mining, midstream, renewable energy, and water. Despite our youth, our industry-rooted approach ensures resourcefulness and reliability, enabling quick responses to project needs. Our skilled team excels in industrial piping fabrication, construction, and maintenance. Get an in-depth look at our capabilities and commitment to efficient, quality-driven project delivery.